"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
​At Club Kindy, our program is based on:

1.            Providing children with a variety of time and opportunities for play and incorporating experiences which link to their interests                 and emerging skills.

2.            Listening to the children’s ideas and requests for learning and projects.

3.            Reading, telling stories, sharing rhymes, engaging in finger play and singing songs

4.            Provide a wide variety of materials to make things and allow the children to express their abilities and talents creatively.

5.            Sharing the children’s excitement about learning and discovery.

6.            Providing the children encouragement, understanding, affection, and appreciation of their efforts.

7.           Providing learning experiences which allow children to develop and enhance their knowledge educationally.

8.            Providing a curriculum which acknowledges family participation and community appreciation.


​Program Planning

At Club Kindy Learning centre our programs reflects the centre’ philosophy and all educators observe children’s abilities and skills as a basis for individual program planning. Club Kindy Learning Centre endeavours to provide quality care through meeting the needs of our diverse community and the standards and recommendations required, this is portrayed within our curriculum.

We believe that children learn using their senses and from being exposed to a variety of educational play experiences, which are planned and based on their individual needs, strengths and interests. 

The program is devised from observations, evaluations and developmental records kept on each individual child. Our program offers a wide range of individual experiences as well as group experiences. Through the learning outcomes and parent weekend sheets, we ensure the children’s culture, family, background and interests are incorporated within the program.

Our program reflects positive attitudes towards Aborigines and Torres Strait Islander cultures, as this promotes an understanding of their unique position in Australian society as the first Australians.

​1-3 Year old program preschool Class

Club Kindy’s program for the 1-3 preschool class offers developmentally appropriate learning experiences for each individual child. Our goal is to ensure that children are recognised as individuals who will develop at their own pace and we will ensure that a safe, healthy, caring and educational environment is provided where the children will be happy to participate and explore freely.

Our program is balanced and provides a range of active and quiet experiences, both indoors and outdoors. We provide structured and unstructured experiences: non-bias and multicultural experiences to suit each individual child’s abilities and interests. Our program supports the child’s self-esteem and pride in their family, community and linguistic heritage. The curriculum provides opportunities for all adults and children to discover and appreciate differences and similarities among people. Our program also enables children with disabilities to develop autonomy, independence, competency, confidence and pride.

Our program offers developmentally appropriate learning experiences for each child. Our program reflects children’s creativity and self-expression as they are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities including: music and movement, language and literacy, dramatic play, arts and crafts and finger plays and songs. Our program incorporates children’s Fine and Gross Motor Skills through a wide variety of both indoor and outdoor activities including: Manipulative play, block and carpentry, water and sand, balancing beams, running, skipping, hopping, walking, catching and throwing, painting with both water and paint, crayons, play dough, cutting and pasting, threading and lacing and home corner.

3-5 Year old program preschool Class


Our program offers developmentally appropriate learning experiences for each child. Our program provides appropriate opportunities for families to be involved in the curriculum process including the: sharing of their culture with others, sharing of their expectation of the service and provision of feedback and evaluation. The program incorporates children’s interests and learning styles which foster the link between the home and centre’s environment.

The program reflects children’s needs, interests and abilities, and allows the children to make choices and take on new challenges; this is available to parents to see and share. Our program incorporates Math’s /science concept skills and natural aspects of our environment and these are provided by: block play, building, cooking experiences, water play and nature experiences which are collecting leaves and harmless insects and other bits of nature which are safe.

​Transitional Kindergarten Class


For children the transition from childcare to school means adapting to new people and different surroundings and learning a whole new set of rules and expectations. At Club Kindy we encourage all families to be involved in their child’s transition process as schools and communities are recognizing the need to have schools ready for children and families.

Children are provided with a progress folder which includes pre-academical work, and this is used as an introduction to kindergarten. This includes activities such as pre-writing skills, math (numbers, opposites, shapes, sorting out, matching) recognizing and writing their names, recognizing the alphabet, colours, copying, cutting and drawing. The early childhood educators use the work folder alongside parents to assist in the education for each child in order for them to transition into school in a smooth comfortable approach.